XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
   XLX102 v2.4.0 - Dashboard v2.4.0 !  /  Service uptime: 7 days 00:41:46
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XLX102 yes it is the DCS102! & YSF 57188
This reflector is DCS - DPlus (REF) - DExtra (XRF) - YSF (C4FM) on "Y" - Please Connect DMR to "D" only, no transcoding however DMR<>DMR OK
-Sponsored and Maintained by NO9S.Here is a List of all ARRGUS ARRAY REFLECTORS
Now with G3 Terminal/AP connectivity
Peanut available on 102B - 102S and 102T
Kissimmee, FL
Central Florida's Premier Reflector
The anchor of the ARRG.US Array.

# XLX Peer Last Heard Linked for Protocol Module
1 XLXARG 21.10.2020 06:47 4 days 00:23:11 s XLX BCG
2 XLXGUS 23.10.2020 20:13 1 days 10:57:13 s XLX BCG
3 XLXARR 23.10.2020 20:13 1 days 10:57:13 s XLX BGC
4 XLXZZZ 23.10.2020 20:13 1 days 10:57:13 s XLX BCG
5 XLXCFR 23.10.2020 20:16 1 days 10:54:17 s XLX BCG
6 XLXAAA 24.10.2020 18:03 0 days 13:07:17 s XLX BCG
-questions ?
xlx at xlxreflector.us

We now have a Tuesday Morning ARRG.US NET, at 9:15 EDT (13:15 Zulu) on DCS102B
This is a directed NET, Please listen to the NET Controller
A General Call will be made after roll call. All licensed Ham's welcome to join in.

Our regular Wednesday "Meet and Eat" Is now back on.
at Arby's 9:30 AM,
We'll still observe "Social Distancing" along with wearing Masks and no more than 10 in a cluster