XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
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# XLX Peer Last Heard Linked for Protocol Module
1 XLXAAA 30.08.2021 18:19 16 days 17:54:53 s XLX BST
2 XLXARG 07.09.2021 22:13 8 days 14:00:23 s XLX BST
3 XLX100 11.09.2021 11:53 5 days 00:20:31 s XLX BST
4 XLXZZZ 15.09.2021 00:55 1 days 11:18:39 s XLX BST

XLX102 yes it is the DCS102! & YSF 57188
This reflector is DCS - DPlus (REF) - DExtra (XRF) - YSF (C4FM) on "Y" - Please Connect DMR to "D" only,
no transcoding however DMR<>DMR OK
-Sponsored and Maintained by NO9S. Here is a List of all ARRGUS ARRAY REFLECTORS
Now with G3 Terminal/AP connectivity
Peanut available on 102B - 102S and 102T
Kissimmee, FL.
Central Florida's Premier Reflector
The anchor of the ARRG.US Array.
DCS102S the home of the Skegness Hamsters!

User Group on FaceBook

Tuesday Morning ARRG.US NET, at 9:15 Eastern on DCS102B
This is a directed NET, Please listen to the NET Controller
A General Call will be made after roll call. All licensed Ham's welcome to join in.

Starting July 28th, 2021
Wednesday "Meet and Eat" (ARRGEW) will be

at Culver's 3148 North Orange Blosom Trail, Kissimmee 9:30 AM,
Location on Google Maps

We observe Osceola County, Florida's pandemic guidlines.

-questions ?
xlx at xlxreflector.us