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XLX102 yes it is the DCS102! & YSF 55102
Established in and on-line since 2016

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# Flag Callsign Suffix DPRS Via / Peer Last heard Listening on
1 United Federation of PlanetsUnited Federation of Planets NO9S ID52 N4ARG B 14.06.2024 19:50 B
2 United StatesUnited States KQ4RHX PNUT PA7LIM B 14.06.2024 19:50 B
3 Captain VideoCaptain Video K4VDO ID52 K4VDO B 14.06.2024 16:04 B
4 United StatesUnited States KZ4HQ ID52 N4ARG B 14.06.2024 14:45 B
5 United Federation of PlanetsUnited Federation of Planets KI4HZP ID52 KI4HZP U 14.06.2024 08:36 B
6 United StatesUnited States W4LOV ID51 W4LOV A 14.06.2024 07:30 B
7 United StatesUnited States KO4CCD PNUT PA7LIM B 14.06.2024 02:46 B
8 United StatesUnited States NH6FU 705 NH6FU R 13.06.2024 23:42 Q
9 NorwayNorway LB9MJ 705 LB9MJ B 13.06.2024 16:25 B
10 United StatesUnited States K1MCO ID50 K1MCO B 13.06.2024 13:54 B
11 United StatesUnited States N4JKM N4JKM D 13.06.2024 11:07 B
12 United StatesUnited States KE5SQC CAST KE5SQC E 12.06.2024 12:40 P
13 United StatesUnited States KG4FZO ID52 KG4EOC B 11.06.2024 19:39 W
14 United StatesUnited States K9ADI 705 KG4EOC B 11.06.2024 19:38 W
15 United StatesUnited States KO4POJ PNUT PA7LIM A 11.06.2024 19:34 W
16 HungaryHungary HA5TI 9700 HA5TI Z 11.06.2024 19:33 W
17 United StatesUnited States N9NON 31AP N4ARG B 11.06.2024 19:28 W
18 United StatesUnited States N4ZZG 5100 KG4EOC B 11.06.2024 19:27 W
19 United StatesUnited States KQ4AFY ID52 KQ4AFY B 11.06.2024 19:25 W
20 United StatesUnited States KK4OKZ ID52 KG4EOC B 11.06.2024 19:22 W
21 United StatesUnited States W4SDC ID51 W4SDC D 11.06.2024 10:01 B
22 United StatesUnited States KC1PV ID51 KC1PV B 11.06.2024 10:00 B
23 United StatesUnited States N4GWH 51P2 KG4EOC B 11.06.2024 09:49 B
24 United StatesUnited States KQ4DXP 5100 KG4EOC B 11.06.2024 09:47 B
25 United StatesUnited States K4COP 705 K4COP D 11.06.2024 09:39 B
26 United StatesUnited States AC4Y AC4Y D 11.06.2024 09:33 B
27 ARR A pirates life for me!ARR A pirates life for me! KV4OP PNUT PA7LIM B 11.06.2024 09:22 B
28 Sate of MichiganSate of Michigan N8DV ID52 N8DV B 11.06.2024 09:19 B
29 Skegness, EnglandSkegness, England G4HFG 7100 GB7DL B 11.06.2024 09:18 B
30 ItalyItaly IU0IBY 7100 IR0ZXU B 09.06.2024 10:43 B
31 TurkeyTurkey TA2UJG AMBE TA2UJG C 08.06.2024 15:38 C
32 United StatesUnited States N2JBJ DAVE N2JBJ C 06.06.2024 20:57 C
33 United StatesUnited States N3KCA 705 N3KCA B 06.06.2024 11:38 B
34 BrazilBrazil PU2UEF PNUT PA7LIM E 06.06.2024 11:15 E
35 BD4QAJ DZY BD4QAJ D 04.06.2024 09:43 B
36 United StatesUnited States KF7JZ ID52 KF7JZ D 03.06.2024 10:25 B
37 United StatesUnited States KC2ABV PNUT PA7LIM A 03.06.2024 08:09 W
38 United StatesUnited States W6DUO PNUT PA7LIM B 02.06.2024 15:39 B
39 State of OhioState of Ohio WY8G D75 WY8G B 29.05.2024 19:46 B
40 United StatesUnited States KA2ZAL PNUT PA7LIM B 28.05.2024 21:26 B
41 United StatesUnited States N7MDT AMBE N7MDT B 28.05.2024 14:07 B
42 United StatesUnited States N1DNU AMBE N1DNU C 28.05.2024 13:01 C
43 United StatesUnited States KE8MEK PNUT PA7LIM A 28.05.2024 12:53 W
44 Inspector GeneralInspector General KW4IG 51LE KW4IG D 28.05.2024 09:56 B
45 United StatesUnited States KM4NMW ID51 KM4NMW B 28.05.2024 09:42 B
46 United StatesUnited States KD2ZZA ID52 KD2ZZA B 28.05.2024 09:21 B
47 United StatesUnited States W8NYM PNUT PA7LIM B 27.05.2024 17:58 B
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This reflector is DCS - DExtra (XRF) - YSF (C4FM) on "Y" DPlus (REF) port now closed -
Please, Only Connect DMR to "D",
Please, Only Connect YSF to "Y",
no transcoding however DMR<>DMR C4FM<>C4FM OK
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Tuesday Morning ARRG.US NET:
9:15 Eastern on DCS102B

This is a directed NET, Please listen to the NET Controller
A General Call will be made after roll call. All licensed Ham's welcome to join in.

Osceola County Weather NET, Tuesdays at 1915 Local Time
on DCS102B

This is a directed NET, Please listen to the NET Controller
A General Call will be made on DCS102B then Moved to DCS102W at 1917 local time, for a "Roll Call" Check-in.
All licensed Ham's welcome to join in.

Open to all Amateur Radio Radio operators and anyone interested in this Radio Hobby!
Wednesday "Meet and Eat" (ARRGEW) is now

at Culver's
3148 North Orange Blosom Trail
Kissimmee, Florida 34744
9:30 AM
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Culvers Order on-line

Amateur Radio License Testing (VE Sessions) are Available by reservation at our Wednesday morning gatherings.
Click here to Pre-register at testing.arrg.us

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